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About the Project

Furry Tales improves the wellbeing of elders in East London by providing contact with animals and a connection to the local farming community.

We are based at Stepney City Farm and work with residential homes, day care centres, befriending services and individuals to deliver Animal-Assisted Activities in the East End.

We believe that animals offer both physical and emotional comfort and are a great catalyst for social interaction, improved communication and plenty of laughter. By bringing people to the farm and taking the farm to those who may not be able to make it to us we hope to share the immense benefits that nature can have.


Mission Values
Our Mission
To combat social isolation by connecting people with animals, nature and each other.
Our Values
We think The Beatles were spot on - all you need is love. Sadly, this can often be forgotten. In an aim to tick all the boxes, much of the care offered to those in need can become more focused on outcome than on the process of giving. The importance of the present moment is lost in an attempt to achieve certain aims - those of meeting targets, of getting everything done on time, of having an end product.   What determines a good activity is not the structure it is given but the approach that is taken. Our person-centred approach responds to the individual needs and wishes of each participant, meaning no two sessions are ever the same. Animals have a hugely positive effect on people and are capable of bringing people together from all walks of life. We want to share this with everyone we meet along the way.
Why We Exist
Isolation and depression are huge concerns for older people in London, where 3.8 million people live alone, 2 million of whom are over 75. For those living alone or in residential homes, it can be difficult getting out and about due to transport costs, mobility issues and the increase of dementia. 80% of people living in care homes have a form of dementia or severe memory problems, yet homes must manage ever tighter budgets and resources. This makes the provision of regular, meaningful opportunities to socialise and connect with the local community a challenge.
We combat this with engaging activities that make participants feel included and valued. With the number of people aged 60+ predicted to pass 20 million by 2031, it is essential that such activities exist. With animal-assisted programmes are becoming more common, we are proud to be part of the growing green care movement.
With a team of enthusiastic and understanding volunteers and a range of guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens and other animals, we provide a much-needed space for intergenerational socializing, physical comfort and sensory stimulation.
Why Animals
Animals provide non-judgmental, unconditional companionship. They do not ask awkward questions, they do not make you feel foolish for saying the 'wrong' thing and they listen without interrupting. They offer warmth and physical contact – something that is rare in a culture where many  people might only encounter touch as part of a medical procedure. Animals ground us in the moment. They allow us to talk about and explore our emotions safely. They stir memories and stimulate conversations about attachment, childhood, love and loss. They make us laugh and create bonds, drawing people together who otherwise might not have developed a relationship. They help us to feel needed and, by prompting feelings of protection and nurture, are an endless source of comfort.

More volunteers = More happy moments